5 Simple Strategies To Help Your Long-Distant Relationship Survive!

Two decades ago it was difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. You couldn’t communicate regularly, and you still needed to find time and ways to connect! But today, thanks to technology there are a lot of ways to stay and feel connected to your partner when navigating a long-distance relationship.

Even with technology, long distance relationships can be very tricky. There may be financial costs of visiting each other and time restrictions as couples may not always be able to take time off work.

Couples hardly ever get themselves into long distance relationships on purpose; they end up being victims of circumstance where one might need to relocate for work purposes or one might be in the military being deployed. Then there are other couples who meet online and might have not yet seen each other face-to face.

This may not be the ideal situation for couples as most of us would rather have the people we love close to us, but you can find ways around it.

Here are five simple strategies to help to keep your relationship going:

Communicate– One could say this goes without saying right? Yes. Prioritize talking to each other; it might get busy and sometimes difficult to talk but try to rearrange your schedules and make time to talk. Communication will keep you connected to each other. Try to establish healthy communication patterns, discuss when the best suitable times for you to talk will be, and stick to these times as this can help avoid frustration and anxiety.

Keep each other updated – Keep each other updated so that you don’t feel like you are losing touch or disconnecting. Pictures are also one of the most effective ways of communicating. Send pictures of yourself, your new apartment, office, etc. so that you are both updated and in the loop about each other, especially if there is something new.

Be honest and open with each other – Insecurities can easily creep in when you are in a long-distance relationship, be honest about everything to avoid doubt and insecurities.

Do fun things together – Don’t let the distance take out the fun in your relationship. Do fun things together such as:

  • painting pictures while skyping or
  • having lunch or dinner together on the phone or while video calling, or
  • play online games together.

This also ensures that that you don’t only talk or chat all the time but do actual things together.

Make means to see each other – This may not always be possible due to financial constraints but is necessary to see each other as much as possible to keep the relationship going.

With technology at our disposal there are lots of ideas that you and your partner could come up with to keep your relationship going. Like many other relationships, your relationship too can survive the distance.

Compiled By Nonkululeko Ngema, PRC(SA)

Nonkululeko Ngema

Nonkululeko Ngema

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