A Fun Silly Game For You :-)

Early this year my sister’s friend from the USA came over to visit. We decided to have a small braai just to enjoy the outdoors. While we were having our girl talk, laughing and enjoying each other’s company she asked us 3 questions and each of us answered as honestly as we could as we were not given much time to think about our answers.

She asked what my favourite color was and why. I answered purple because it represents spirituality, love and passion.

The second question was “what is your favourite animal and why?” I answered an elephant because it represents wisdom and humility and it is sensitive.

The last question was what is the one thing that fascinates you in nature and why? I answered space because it’s bigger than us there is just so much more to discover.

She then told us what the 3 questions represent in our lives and as you can imagine we had a good laugh because none of us saw where she was going with these questions!

Answer these 3 questions and I will tell what aspect of your life they represent, just note that it might not work on everyone, but this is such a fun thing to do and you can also try it with your friends and family this festive season.

Try not to think to hard about the answers and just type the first thing that comes to mind. Good luck!

  • What is your favourite colour and why?
  • What is your favourite animal and why?
  • What is the one aspect of nature that fascinates you and why?

Write your answers in the comments below and I will tell what aspect of your life they represent.

Tomorrow, I will also tell you how to do it with your friends ?

Compiled by Nonkululeko Ngema, Registered Counsellor (SA)

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