Are you feeling demotivated at work?

The truth is as we spend most of our time at work, it should be a happy place for us. However, studies have shown that many employees are demotivated and they feel very dissatisfied in their work environments.

Motivation is an internal process, it influences efficiency and without it, little can be done. When we are motivated it shows in our behaviour. We are cheerful and willing to take on challenges which bring benefits to ourselves and the organization. The opposite is true when we are demotivated.

How would I know if I am demotivated?

You will easily recognize when you are demotivated. Do you have a positive attitude at work? Are you willing to put in 100% into your work? Do you complain to others at work?

Demotivated employees are usually unproductive, or they are not working to their full potential and they have negative attitudes about their work around other employees.

Below are some signs that you are demotivated:

Absenteeism – This is the most common sign. You choose to stay away from work. Illness may also be another sign as you may be physically ill due to the stress caused by your unhappiness at work.

Pre-occupation – You might be at work physically but not mentally. At times you might be preoccupied with things other than work, such as surfing the net.

Late coming – Another sign would be getting to work late or leaving early. Sometimes you might be punctual but could pass the time in the rest rooms or cafeteria.

Body language – Your facial expressions and body language indicate disinterest in any activity going on in the workplace.

Conflict – You may pick fights and argue with other employees. Or you may isolate yourself and have an “I don’t care” attitude.

What causes demotivation?

Here are some of the reasons why you might feel demotivated;

Job insecurity – You may be feeling some feelings of job insecurity with the economic uncertainties.

Feeling undervalued – You may feel as though your efforts are not recognized or appreciated. You are beginning to lack energy and commitment.

No development opportunities – Regular training and development opportunities can help boost your motivation. If a workplace feels stagnant and non-progressive, employee motivation levels decline.

Poor leadership – Effective leadership is an important factor in your motivation. If strong leadership is lacking or is negatively affecting the employees, you may feel demoralized. Management should be able to instill confidence and focus on their employees.

Unrealistic workload – If someone feels overburdened by a large impossible workload they can soon become stressed and lose motivation.

What you can do to motivate yourself

If you are feeling demotivated, all hope is not lost as you can get your motivation back. Here are a few ways to help you do this:

Stop blaming yourself and take responsibility – We tend to blame ourselves for not working hard enough but that doesn’t really help us. Instead it worsens our situation. We should take responsibility by identifying our mistakes and learning from them.

Be around positive people – Feeling demotivated means that you are already feeling negative. Be around positive people who will lift your spirits and help keep you motivated.

Appreciate what you have – Sometimes we constantly think about what we don’t have and should have.  When we learn the art of gratitude, we can appreciate the fact that we have a job and we are able earn an income. Relieve yourself of the pressure to find the perfect job.

List your achievements – It’s easy to become demotivated when you feel that you have been working hard without any results. So make a list of what you have achieved so far, simply getting started on its own is an achievement and nothing is too small or silly.

Work on your next step – Sometimes, not knowing what to do next can make you feel demotivated. You start to feel trapped because you not sure about your next step.  Find one step that you can take to get you closer to where you want to be.

Life has its challenges but they don’t need to keep us stuck. We can learn how to keep ourselves motivated, even though it’s not always easy, it’s possible to change our state of mind.


Compiled By Nonkululeko Ngema, PRC (SA)

Nonkululeko Ngema

Nonkululeko Ngema

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