When are your food choices controlling you?

There are two areas that your food choices could be controlling you:

  1. When you are an emotional eater and
  2. You have learned poor eating habits from your environment.

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is when food is used to avoid, curb, suppress or relieve negative or painful feelings such as boredom, stress, disappointment, hurt, insecurity and fears.

The foods that are usually eaten are comfort foods that require minimal preparation and are readily available. These foods themselves may contain high amounts of sugar and/or fat and are energy dense which means that they are high in calories.  Furthermore these foods are often and consistently eaten in large amounts to push down and bury bad feelings. This behaviour causes weight gain to become inevitable.

An easy way to explain weight gain/ loss is using the concept of a see-saw.









Now that the concept of weight gain has been explained, it is important to know which foods are high in energy. The two main contributors of energy from our diet are fats and sugars. Having an awareness of the foods containing these nutrients can help us to become aware of which foods should be used more sparingly in one’s diet. These sources are briefly discussed below.









These foods above can usually only sustain you for short periods of time. In other words, they do not satisfy your appetite for long periods of time which means that you will have a tendency to eat more than what you need. They also have a very limited vitamin and mineral content. Ingesting foods that give the nutrients for your body to grow, protect, repair and maintain itself are essential to long-term good health.

Therefore, when we become mindful of eating too many of the foods above, we are able to make better choices.

It may seem like a very challenging prospect to suddenly change unhealthy food habits, especially if you are regularly eating many of the foods above as part of your daily diet.

As dieticians we are here to help develop a meal plan tailor-made according to your lifestyle to include healthier food options which will help sustain you better and reduce your cravings for the food choices that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

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