Common Relationship Problems And How You Can Handle Them.

People are naturally inclined to form and to have close relationships. We find joy and satisfaction in them, but when they don’t work out it hurts though there is always a way of working around issues in a relationship before calling it quits.  Here are some of the common problems in relationships and how you can work around them.

1) You feel you’re giving more than you getting

Sometimes in a relationship you may feel you are always looking out for the other person in terms of fulfilling and their needs – especially emotionally and nothing is coming your way or when you need them they are never around. Worst case is scenario is you might be emotionally abused.

How you can handle this:

There may not be a easy way to fix this, rather than to sit your partner down and talk to them about the amount of time that each of you need to invest in the relationship in order for it to work. If the relationship is unhealthy and you really feel stuck you may want to consider leaving the relationship. There is someone out there who would value you.

2) You feel you don’t get enough attention

We sometime feel neglected in our relationships, we feel as though we are not getting the attention we need from our partner. They are either too busy with work or with other things.

How you can handle this:

It is important to remember that at the end of the day it all comes down to how much attention and love you give yourself – you need to love and take care of yourself before expecting love and attention from the other person. If indeed you being neglected in your relationship it would be a great idea to speak to partner about it, communicate what is important for both of you, discuss what you can do to make your partner feel wanted and

3) You feel insecure about your future

In a relationship there are times where your plans may clash and this could breed uncertainty about your relationship. For example you might be looking to settle down and have children while your partner still wants to wait, or they might want to move to another country while you want to start a business locally.

How to handle this:

We can have everything we want in life. Life will give us a great hand of opportunities but some of these we will miss due to some of the decisions we make. That doesn’t mean we have failed or made decisions it’s just how life goes, you both might want to take different paths. There are way in which you can adjust both your dreams so that each one is fulfilled it doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to sacrifice the relationship for the sake of your dreams their dream but you will need to find a way and make the necessary changes so that you both are happy.

4) Constantly fighting about the same issue

It happens in most relationships, there are just those issues that we can seem to solve – for good. The kind of issues that we keep on revisiting time and again, this can range from a fighting about a broken shower to handling the living cost anything really

How to handle the issues

This kind of issue requires lot patience with your partner. Instilling some qualities may not be easy and it may take time. Remember the things you are fighting for and each time that subject arise take a step back. Though it is always better to iron things out so that they don’t keep coming back, choose a time to talk about the issue when you both calm and break the issue down, it’s always better to get to the bottom of the issue.  Always remember that a relationship is a safe place for couples to grow and feel good together.

What other issues have you encountered in your relationship and how have you worked around it?

Compiled by:

Nonkululeko Ngema (BPsych)

Nonkululeko Ngema (BPsych)

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