Motion creates emotion

Do you want to boost your confidence?

Studies in this area have shown that the more space you take up, the more confident you feel.

When you sit, sit with your legs open and arms outstretched, when standing, stand up tall and wide.

What’s even more amazing than these findings can be applied to any emotion.

If you want to be happy, excited, confident, sexy, loving, or charming, just think about what a person with those qualities would do.

Imagine that person in the same context as you:

  • How would they act?
  • What would they say?
  • What would they do?

Ask yourself these questions and then simply copy that person in your head.

Depending on how you move and behave, your brain will activate the areas in your brain corresponding to the emotion you portray and release the corresponding hormones to make you feel that way!

Compiled By Olivia Guerini, PRC (SA)

Olivia Guerini

Olivia Guerini

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