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Karen’s Testimonial


Lisle’s experience:

I first saw Tanya in July last year, when my health was not good. I was overweight too. I never believed in dieticians, as I believed that they put people in a box and never worked with people as individuals. I believed that their approach was one diet fits all! How wrong I was! From the start, Tanya focused on me – on my likes and dislikes, on my daily routine and on my goals. She took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to look at my emotional well being. The eating plan that Tanya worked out for me was catered to my needs and meant that I did not have to prepare separate meals for my family. In fact, the entire family benefited from this new , healthier lifestyle.

A year later, and I continue on the programme. I have lost weight (two dress sizes), centimeters and my health has improved to the point where chronic medication is to be stopped. I am more confident and a far happier person. I see Tanya still and she is always only an email away. This journey would not have happened had it not been for her care and her assistance. The journey continues…

Lisle T
Carol’s experience:

Really looking forward to this online seminar. I have attended one of Sian’s workshops here in the UK earlier this year and found it very helpful. Best wishes to everyone attending… I am sure it will prove a valuable experience! Thanks Sian. Enjoy! x

Carol C




Annelise’s experience:

As my journey begun with Tanya, over the past six months I was able to achieve many milestones, one of which was a total of 9.6kg weight loss which positively impacted my insulin resistance, and high cholesterol. I have now achieved a normal level after going for my regular check-up.

The secret to success is having a professional dietician like Tanya by my side. She is always willing to help and has a vast amount of knowledge with respect to her profession. She always provides proper guidance and motivation.

Tanya guides patients in a way that changes one’s lifestyle and gives life skills that can be maintained well in order to achieve maximum results, unlike other diets or products which result in a “quick fix” which usually is inadequate for maintaining your weight.

Annelise vS


Elizabeth‘s experience

Follow up and stay in touch with Tanya, she will help you through the tough times or suggest a change up in your food. This to me has made me feel better and in regards to health helped me understand what I was doing wrong.

This is a life change and you need to be serious about it . You will be proud of yourself, I promise. Because you did it and continue to move forward.

Elizabeth R




Nikki’s experience:

I can vouch for Sian. She knows her stuff and I’m sure who ever joins this program will see results. Sian is dedicated to helping people. She had certainly helped me and given me some truly valuable tools to apply in my daily life! Good luck everyone!! Thanks Sian for everything xx

Nikki W



Shelly-Ann’s experience:

How do I begin to explain how much my encounter with the most amazing dietician has helped me transform my entire life.  She has not only assisted me in dropping 11kgs but have enabled me to CHANGE my lifestyle and more importantly she has brought understanding and education to this process.

I now understand how to read a food label, control my portions and manage my eating plan without looking at a daily plan.  It has and is now becoming second nature.  Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words.  Looking forward to dropping another 10kgs milestone.

Shelly-Ann M