Tanya Alberts
Registered Dietician & Health Coach


I’m Tanya, I am a registered Dietician and Health Coach

I became a dietician because I had food issues from when I was a toddler and it started with emotional eating.

Many people are not aware of the term emotional eating. Perhaps they have heard of it but they don’t really understand what it means.

Emotional eating is a behaviour that can be learned from a very young age and it becomes a habit that causes detrimental effects to our health.

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Salomé Scholtz
Registered Dietician

Salomé is a Registered Dietician who has always shown serious interest in health and nutrition.

She earned her Dietetic degree from the North West University in 2011 and works between all three of our Practices in Roodepoort, Centurion and Midrand.

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Joani completed her B.Sc Dietetic degree at the North West University in 2013.

Joani Britz, RD(SA)

Joani Britz, RD(SA)

Thereafter, she completed her community service year in 2014, where she worked in East Rand clinics.

Joani gained experience as a clinical dietician at Arwyp Medical Centre. She wanted to become a healthcare professional when she was growing up. With an enthused interest in the science behind nutrition, she decided to become a dietician.

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Cecile Niebuhr
Registered Dietician

Cecile graduated in 2015, having completed her Dietetics degree at the University of Pretoria. She started clinical dietetics in 2016, gaining experience (and maintaining a growing interest) in the nutritional management of surgical and critically ill patients as well as the nutritional counselling of Diabetic, Cardiac, Renal and undernourished patients.