About Joani Britz

Joani Britz, RD(SA)

Joani Britz, RD(SA)

Joani completed her B.Sc Dietetic degree at the North West University in 2013.  Thereafter, she completed her community service year in 2014, where she worked in East Rand clinics.

Joani gained experience as a clinical dietician at Arwyp Medical Centre.  She wanted to become a healthcare professional when she was growing up. With an enthused interest in the science behind nutrition, she decided to become a dietician.

Joani enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and being active. She is passionate about sharing that same vision to guide and assist her clients to healthier lifestyle choices.

Joani’s involvement in helping people with lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, insulin resistance and diabetes has become a serious focus in her work.