When you seem to fail many times, you may actually be succeeding!

A lot of people will be writing about success this New Year’s season. When you work on a new goal, new business venture and new path, hardly anyone tells you about the amount of failure and rejection you could encounter alone the way.

When trying something new, we search for signs that other people could be struggling too, and see our stumbles as catastrophic crashes, which causes us to jump ship and swim to our safe and familiar shore.

If we want to make it at something, we need to be prepared to fall and fail sometimes. Falling means making mistakes. Failing is falling and rolling over and realizing that we failed because there was internal growth, a lesson and new knowledge we first had to gain before we could succeed at that point. Falling and failing means we had the courage to try.

When we look at some of the greatest people, they had many things to say about falling and failing:

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

As you go try your new thing and pursue your new goal, your mind will keep asking you questions such as, “Is that good enough?” and “Do you feel like you gave it your best shot?” With the root of these questions actually being, “Can I quit now because this is a lot harder than I thought it would be?” You will be relieved to know that when you have these questions, you are actually on the right track!

Falling and failing proves that you are actively working and growing towards a happy and healthier version of yourself. Upgrades take time, there may be bumps, but if the ride were smooth, there would be no excitement to challenge and inspire you in this game called life.

You are a creative being and even if you had all of the money you needed, all of the time you desired and the best relationships in the world, you would become bored and go backwards if you stopped creating anyway!

When you are no longer creating something for someone else’s approval is when your success really begins. You are achieving your goals because this is about you proving to yourself that you can participate in this game of life.

This is about you creating your reality and contributing to life. Putting a little bit of effort and focus onto yourself and your mindset will empower you to realize that you are worth your own time and effort!

Written by Olivia Guerini (BPsych)

Olivia Guerini

Olivia Guerini

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