Why Can’t I Rest?

Have you ever prayed for a quiet weekend, a time with no work and no obligations, but when the time comes you cannot relax? You have this thought in the back of your mind that says “You should be doing something” “Have you forgotten something” “You don’t deserve to rest”.

In the end, you are either so guilty about relaxing or so wound up from previous stress, that the day you longed for of relaxing and lounging completely goes out the window. This is especially true to people who have anxiety disorders and related symptoms. Because your body is always in fight or flight, you have a racing heart and physical difficulties with relaxing (probably why being on the go all the time feels better).

Rest is crucial to our lives and there needs to be a balance between being on the go and just shutting off. Do not wait for your holiday in Bali before trying to relax, because you will find yourself on the beach feeling hugely annoyed you can’t access your emails. Rather spend time each week training your mind on how to relax and rest.

Practice sleeping and sleeping well

Practice resting by switching your phone off, breathing in and out deeply and having calming thoughts

Assign yourself a certain number of really pleasurable books or television shows or movies to watch on your vacation.

Decide on a certain number of slow, calm bike rides or walks to take while you are not at work, and work to make sure that you take that many, or more.

The point, as you can see, is to set up some goals for relaxing that you can actually accomplish. If you believe you can master these goals, you will be motivated to work towards them. And there’s a good chance that you may actually end your vacation more relaxed than you started it!

Written by:

Olivia Guerini

Olivia Guerini (BPsych)


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