E.A. T. Everything and Reset Your Body.

Give yourself a healthy body and healthy lifestyle forever - WITHOUT going on a diet. 

Your Lifestyle Transformation

Time to Quit Dieting and Start Losing Weight

Give yourself a healthy body and healthy lifestyle forever - WITHOUT going on a diet.

Join Our FREE E.A.T. Everything and Reset Your Body 5-Day Program 

"How to Change One Major Eating Habit in 5 DAYS."

The program comprises a series of live, online and interactive group sessions with Tanya (Registered Dietician), plus further sessions with our counsellors and coaches. 

Three Steps to Your New Healthy Lifestyle: 

1. Quit Dieting

When you go on a diet, you slow your metabolism down by restricting foods. When you finish the diet, your body naturally tries to reset to your normal condition by eating more to regain the previous balance. Your cravings become worse than ever.

Working closely together, using mindfulness, we align the duality in you between the part of you that wants to eat food and the part of you that wants to avoid eating food.

In this first part of your lifestyle transformation, we help you adopt lifestyle eating for the long term which keeps you feeling satisfied with what you eat, but simultaneously achieving a healthy weight. 


2. E.A.T. Everything: (Emotion, Acceptance, Trigger).

During this phase we address your emotional position, which has been set over the long-term by habitual internal obstacles, such as the lies we tell ourselves, feeling self-conscious, giving in to comfort eating and a victim-mindset. All these things, and many more, limit our ability to lose weight. 

This stage of your transformational journey is about understanding and changing the internal emotional triggers and external environmental/ cultural triggers that drive you to eat. 


3. Retrain your Brain:

Your food choices are a function of your lifestyle. It is very hard to make good dietary decisions when there is always something else to prioritise.

We help you to become mindful in the food choices you make, gradually changing your cravings and 'automatic' eating habits by working on your emotional and nutritional drives, and your long-term health aims. 


4. Begin With Your Free 5-Day Weight-Loss Program:

So we can get to know each other and for you to understand completely what happens if you join us, your free 5-day weight-loss program is waiting for you below. 

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How to Change One Major Eating Habit in 5 DAYS"

The program comprises 5 days x 45 minute sessions of LIVE, online and interactive group sessions with Tanya Alberts (Registered Dietician) and our Healthcare team of Dieticians, Counsellors and Coaches. 

On this 5-day  E.A.T program, you will learn:

  • Why diets DON'T WORK.

  • How to lose weight without food restriction or deprivation.

  • The E.A.T. imperatives (Emotion, Acceptance and Triggers).

  • How to identify the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

  • 5 action steps to transform one major eating habit in 5 days.

This FREE program is presented in a private Facebook group.

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Have You Ever Felt As Though No Matter How Many Diets You’ve Tried, You Can Never Seem To Keep the Weight Off?

  • Maybe you don’t feel motivated, and you feel far from the body size you desire; you’re not achieving your goal and you worry about your weight more often than you’d like.

  • Maybe you don’t feel inspired, and you aren’t excited about a restrictive diet and you don’t want to feel deprived of the foods you enjoy because you already know that you have set yourself up to fail so many times.

  • Do you sometimes find yourself in front of the mirror wishing you could just drop one clothes size?

  • Maybe you’re a yo-yo dieter and your stressful emotions prevent you from experiencing the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Imagine a life where your healthy lifestyle becomes effortless.

  • A healthy lifestyle where your habits support your healthy mind and body.

  • A lifestyle where food is no longer used to numb down stress or unhealed emotions.

  • A lifestyle where eating habits are easy and a source of health, joy, and freedom.

  • No diets. No failure. Just a natural way of living a healthy, satisfying lifestyle.


Madia A.


I wanted to lose weight and manage a heart condition and high blood pressure effectively.

My weight loss goal was to reach a healthy target weight of 55 kg.

My health goal was to:

  • Reduce heart palpitations
  • Reduce shortness of breath
  • Get my blood pressure under control.
  • I started Tanya’s healthy lifestyle program and the journey of my weight loss.

The issue of my heart condition is now under control. I was able to lose weight without feeling hungry and manage my health without taking any medication.

I was able to achieve my goal and my family and friends have complimented me on the results.

Thank you, Tanya :-)


Hettie V.

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I have been to numerous dieticians. I actually picked up more weight. Due to the fact that I don’t like someone telling me what to eat or do. In other words I did not ‘buy into’ the explanations of a Healthier lifestyle, that they were trying to help me with.

Tanya’s TYHN program explained lifelong unanswered questions. It is supportive and not forceful, she explained it clearly, so that I could understand the Importance of Breaking a Bad Habit – Or trying to live 80% better.

I was Feeling Motivated Again. I had a renewed sense of dedication towards ‘improving myself’ – my Health & Living. Clothes that started to fit again – I dropped 4 sizes. It’s Fabulous!

Did you know that scientific studies now show that dieting has a 90% failure rate? So, why would you ever decide to go on another diet?! They are just not sustainable long-term.

What If You Could:

  • QUIT Dieting,
  • Lose Weight
  • Overcome emotional eating,
  • Transform unwanted habits,

So you can finally restore your relationship with food?

Over 5 Days, Tanya And Our Healthcare Team Invite You To Join Our Free 5-Day Weight-Loss Program:

"How to Change One Major Eating Habit in 5 DAYS"

This is a FREE 5-Day QUIT Dieting & Start Losing Weight Program So You Can Get off The Rollercoaster, Let Go Of Food Fears And Make Peace With Food.

It's Time To Enjoy The Health & Freedom You Deserve!

Join Us on Monday, 21 June 2021 at 5 pm UK time/6 pm SA Time.


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