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E.A.T. Everything & Reset Your Body

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Quit Dieting and Start Losing Weight
Reset Your Body with These Three Keys

1. Quit Dieting: When you go on a diet, you slow your metabolism down by restricting foods. When you finish the diet, your body adjusts by eating more to regain the previous balance. Working closely together, using mindfulness, we align the duality in you between the part of you that wants to eat food and the part of you that wants to avoid eating food. We help you adopt lifestyle eating for the long term which keeps you feeling satisfied with what you eat, but simultaneously achieving a healthy weight. 

2. E.A.T. Everything: (Emotion, Acceptance, Trigger). During this phase we address your Emotional position, set by habitual internal obstacles, such as the lies we tell ourselves, feeling self-conscious, giving in to comfort eating and a victim mindset. All these things, and many more, limit our ability to lose weight. 

3. Retrain your Brain: Your food choices are a function of your lifestyle. It is very hard to make good dietary decisions when there is always something else to prioritize. We help you to become mindful in the food choices you make, gradually changing your cravings and 'automatic' eating choices by working on your emotional and nutritional perspective, and your long-term health aims.