Quit dieting and finally achieve your weight loss goals!! :-)



  • It’s about stepping up and claiming the health and life you truly deserve!!

  • It’s about having fun and appreciating the path you find yourself on.

  • It's about becoming the woman who brings her dreams into reality.

  • It’s about taking action from a place of acceptance, ease and flow.

  • It’s about embracing the shadow side with kindness and compassion.

  • It’s about discovering what triggers eating habits and changing those patterns.

Are you ready to awaken the real YOU that is hidden underneath the rejection mindset?

Are you willing to be supported, guided, and held accountable as you transform your overeating and mindless eating habits in a compassionate aligned process?




Where Women Discover Their Purpose, Passion & Strategy to Quit Overeating and Mindless Eating
And finally achieve food freedom!!
A community of real women, ready to commit to E.A.T. & RESET their eating habits so they can impact their lives and the people around them... are you ready to join us??


motions – Acceptance – Triggers

You have discovered that when you E.A.T. intuitively,
you can attract the healthy body you desire… naturally and permanently!!





Having the ongoing guidance and support as you navigate your way through the missing puzzle pieces of weight loss success.

No longer feeling alone, lost, unsupported, or uninspired, but instead, becoming part of a community of like-minded women who understand the path you’re on.

A go-to place for AHA moments, conscious awareness, guidance, clarity, and transformation.

Let's start the journey to achieve your boldest and most fearless weight loss goal...without deprivation or struggle!

Join us and get inspired right now.


A very special space that will guide and support you in:

  • The action steps required and simple go-to strategies that get you results!

  • Paying attention to your emotions and how you feel so that you can choose to be mindful every single day.

  • Having the freedom to E.A.T. from a place of total acceptance.

  • ​Having a community to build friendships, support and be inspired.

.....and finally achieve the body size and food freedom you’ve always dreamed of!



The TYHN FOOD FREEDOM GROUP is a safe, supportive, inspiring space for women who are ready to take action…….you want to lose weight in a loving accepting way, be positively impacted and enjoy the journey!
If you often have a self-sabotage mentality at home, feel guilty after eating, or struggle with mindless eating habits, this is the place for you. You will learn step-by-step how to build an acceptance mindset.

This is a place that brings together training, guidance, support, community, and transformation-launching you into the mind shifts, habits, and attitude for weight loss success and helping you to stay on track when you wobble off course.


We have a team of dieticians, counsellors, coaches and experts that can help you reach your goals.

You're already on your way to success!

  • You’ve made the decision and you’re all in and it feels aligned.

  • You care so deeply about this, that this time you’re ready to let go of perfectionism and embrace progress, even if sometimes you make mistakes and experience setbacks.

  • You KNOW you can do this. You are willing to start valuing yourself and your needs for change... you just need to know how!

  • You want to be part of this community, to feel supported and surrounded with like-minded women as you take this journey into the future self you truly deserve.

It's time for your transformation...

No more stop-starting, second guessing, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, self-doubt, perfectionism, overwhelm, which has held YOU back in the past……no sabotaging your weight loss efforts.




you will leave the rejection mindset behind for good.

There will be monthly training modules, personal growth, mindset alignment, strategy, tools and actions that feel fabulous with the community alongside you every step of the way!!

Give yourself permission to trust that you can find the confidence within yourself to make the leap.


What you receive in the

  • All the training, support, guidance & community to get results BIG TIME!

  • Access to the TYHN FOOD FREEDOM GROUP, A COMMUNITY - where you'll find YOUR people. It's where real friends are made, transformations happen and where you'll find ALL the support you'll ever need from our team and the community.

  • Monthly LIVE Masterclass with me - All the training you need to get you to your weight loss goals.


Every month, there will be:


  • LIVE -  12-Month Program: 12 Individual Transformation Masterclasses 

  • Live Q & A - Show up, ask your questions, get unstuck, and let's keep moving forward!

  • FIRST ACCESS TO ALL Brand New Programs -30% discount for TYHN FOOD FREEDOM GROUP members.

  • LIVE Guest Experts - Sharing their expertise with YOU!

  • Reflection Time - Implement what you learn each month: Continue to make progress, get results, build clarity and take aligned action!

Be willing to be supported and guided to experience a real transformation!



Special Offer:


$47.00 per month 

*Cancel at any time with only 5 days’ notice.



Bonuses are available when you join NOW!


  1. NEW Online Members Site – You will be given full access to all the actionable LIVE video training and resources.    
  2. LIVE Workshop: 3 Easy Steps to Get New Eating Habits To Stick!
  3. A FREE Enrollment Appointment: Let's Get Started...and discuss your individual health goals so we can take the first step.


These bonuses expire soon, so don't delay!!  :-)



Madia A.


I wanted to lose weight and manage a heart condition and high blood pressure effectively.

My weight loss goal was to reach a healthy target weight of 55 kg.

My health goal was to:

  • Reduce heart palpitations
  • Reduce shortness of breath
  • Get my blood pressure under control.
  • I started Tanya’s healthy lifestyle program and the journey of my weight loss.

The issue of my heart condition is now under control. I was able to lose weight without feeling hungry and manage my health without taking any medication.

I was able to achieve my goal and my family and friends have complimented me on the results.

Thank you, Tanya :-)


Hettie V.

Untitled design (2) (1).png

I have been to numerous dieticians. I actually picked up more weight. Due to the fact that I don’t like someone telling me what to eat or do. In other words I did not ‘buy into’ the explanations of a Healthier lifestyle, that they were trying to help me with.

Tanya’s TYHN program explained lifelong unanswered questions. It is supportive and not forceful, she explained it clearly, so that I could understand the Importance of Breaking a Bad Habit – Or trying to live 80% better.

I was Feeling Motivated Again. I had a renewed sense of dedication towards ‘improving myself’ – my Health & Living. Clothes that started to fit again – I dropped 4 sizes. It’s Fabulous!


Jacqueline L.


I avoided dieticians as (due to my profession) I “knew” what to eat and what not and carried on with what I thought was right…

I met Tanya and joined her program. I was excited but also sceptical (I know enough?!) and boy oh boy was I wrong! I learned so much about myself; my triggers, my behaviour, and that “starving” was simply slowing my metabolism down (I knew this but was in denial).

I honestly liked the fact that every person on the program could share experiences and did not feel alone. Also, the best part was the support of the “TYHN” team and the Facebook porthole where I could view comments, watch meetings I missed and be able to still grow my learning path and relationship with food.

The benefits of such a program are beneficial for what you learn; how to share experiences and being motivated and guided all the time! I would (already am) recommend this program and I found this team truly knowledgeable, compassionate and motivating!!!!



“It’s nice to learn about each process that you go through with overeating… and becoming aware of each stage, it makes you more mindful… and you can stop before it escalates.”


“My relationship with food changed in such a way that I started making good food choices and healthy food choices…”


“I liked the coaching style and the accountability in the program. A huge learning about how food not only fuels but heals…”


“I became positive because I lost weight and most importantly, being a diabetic, my sugar levels normalized on this program…”


tyhn_invert_icon96x (1).png
Sharon lost 9.5lbs/4kgs. She said:
As a result of going on one of TYHN’s programs, I found I was much more aware of what I was eating and my moods. I liked the group interaction and the discussions, where I was held accountable for commitments made the previous week. I liked the weekly group talks as they were always informative. I learned about healthier eating, journaling and awareness. It was very good, and I learned a lot. There was no place to hide lol. I think it is very expertly run. I would like to do it again
tyhn_invert_icon96x (1).png
Jim lost 28,6lbs/13kgs in 12 weeks, After attending one of our programs, he said:
I enjoyed the weekly meetings with everybody. Having the support of a dietician, a proper meal plan and follow-up meetings was of real benefit to me. I would recommend this program because it was well-managed and did prove successful. My overall experience was very positive.