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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

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Healthy Gut. Happy Life

Self-Confidence and Me

Breastfeeding. The Best Start in Life

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E.A.T. Everything & Reset Your Body

E.A.T.: Emotions, Acceptance, Trigger

Quit Dieting and Start Losing Weight

Reset Your Body with These Three Keys

1. Quit Dieting: There's a part of you that wants to eat food and a part of you that wants to avoid eating food. We help you adopt lifestyle eating for the long term which keeps you feeling satisfied with what you eat, but simultaneously achieving a healthy weight. 

2. E.A.T. Everything: (Emotion, Acceptance, Trigger). During this phase we address your Emotional position, set by habitual inter

nal obstacles, such as the lies we tell ourselves, feeling self-conscious, giving in to comfort eating and a victim-mindset. All these things, and many more, limit our ability to lose weight. 

3. Retrain your Brain: Your food choices are a function of your lifestyle. It is very hard to make good dietary decisions when there is always something else to prioritise. We help you to become mindful in the food choices you make, gradually changing your cravings and 'automatic' eating choices by working on your emotional and nutritional perspective, and your long-term health aims. 

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

12-week, live online, group program.

Personal Development Program

Narratives you have inherited from your childhood, and traumatic experiences throughout your life, have a profound influence on your behaviours today.

Your ideas, beliefs, experiences, traumas, memories, thoughts and feelings from the past show up as automatic patterns in your mind in the here and now. 

On this program, we will work with you through a process to help you stop feeling negative, lost or stuck, overwhelmed or unable to move forward.

A Lifestyle Instead of a Diet

8-weeks, live, online group program

By understanding the basics of nutrition, the role that nutrients provide and correct portion sizes you will gain the knowledge to be able to make decisions on how to eat healthier without having to deprive yourself. 

This program explains the basics of nutrition and gives practical tips on how to create healthy and tasty meals. We also highlight common misconceptions that keep people from reaching their goals.

You can expect to gain confidence in making healthy food choices through the skills that you have acquired.

Through learning these skills, you will not just lose weight you will have the knowledge and mindset to keep the weight off. 

The meals you plan and create will be so good you will not have to struggle with issues like having to make separate meals for your family or feeling deprived. 

Happy Gut, Happy Life

Weekly Group Sessions, 4-week Program

You have stomach aches, you maybe get hearturn, avoid certain foods because they cause you discomfort, you feel tired all the time and you are in pain. It may be getting so bad that you are afraid to go out.  

You are tired of this, and rightly so! The good news is that we can almost certainly make you feel better. 

Working together, we will carefully assess your situation and needs, take some tests and make a plan tailored to you.

We will educate you with insights into your condition and provide practical ways to incorporate healthy solutions into your daily life and understand how and why they will work for you. And gut problems can be indications of other things.  

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Identifying diet and lifestyle factors that are causing your symptoms.

  • Find simple yet effective ways to ease symptoms.

  • Clients will learn the basics of gut health care.

We will optimize your gut health using natural solutions, and without unnecessary, potentially harmful restrictive diets. 

Breastfeeding: Give Your Baby the Best Start in Life

4-week, Group and One-on-One Program

You may feel you should instinctively, easily and naturally be able to breastfeed your baby. 

However, it rarely works that way, and it is very important you don't become dispondent and lose confidence before you've even given yourself a chance. 

It is perfectly normal to feel insecure and unsure. There is no earthly reason why you should be instantly good at this! 

Working together, we will help you to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby arrives and support you in your home once you have your baby. 

We will teach you, step-by-step, through our 4-week program, to prepare for breastfeeding and understand everything that is involved. To get your breasts ready for the baby, to learn to latch, to know how to avoid sore breasts, how to express breast milk and how to know if your baby is getting enough milk. 

The aim of the program is simple:


Happy mummy and happy baby!

The Gift of Life - Pregnancy and Childbirth

8-Week Program Online and/or in Person, for Women Who are Pregnant or are Looking to Become Pregnant.

If you are pregnant - congratulations! It's a wonderful thing, and we are here to support you every step of the way to the love and joy of having a baby. 

Working closely with you, we can help you: 

  • Make a pregnancy plan tailored to you. 

  • To fall pregnant or have a healthy pregnancy. 

  • To manage your health and weight throughout your pregnancy.

  • To understand and do the right things to ensure your baby is healthy. 

  • To address problems or issues that arise throughout your pregnancy, such as morning sickness, food cravings or PCOS. 

We cannot wait to be there and celebrate your bundle of joy with you! 

Self-Confident Me

8-week Interactive Online Group Program

You often find yourself in a situation where you feel the confidence draining away. A sense that you can't cope, even though others seem to have no problem with these sorts of things. 

It is understandable. We are all a product of our upbringing, and that can often result in a powerful self-critic. We judge and blame ourselves easily, and this can lead to anxiety and a tendency to beat ourselves up. It's a downward spiral. 

The Good News Is that you can learn to be kind to yourself. To develop your compassionate mind. To discover what it is in your past that is causing these limitations and your harsh inner critic. 

Working closely together, we can manage and gradually silence this inner critic, build your true self and allow the real you to come to the fore and help you be the flourishing person you were born to be. 

Master Healthy Eating Practically and Deliciously

8-week online group program

You Are A Problem Solver. We Are Your Solution...

It happens. The weight creeps on, because you are busy! You do a great job for your career and your family, but you put the healthy lifestyle you know all about further down the priority list, and you feel you could do with losing 10kg, right? 

Fairly aggressive deprivation diets have worked to some extent in the past, but it's getting harder to do that, and you know it's not the right answer anyway. 

It's time to find that right answer, and get yourself back where you want to be (and stay there!).

Let's get this sorted. Working with us, you can eat well and still enjoy a brilliant lifestyle. 

Are You Struggling to Lose Weight?

4-week, online group program 

The Bad News: It's difficult. Diets can be so tiresome. They get you down. And after all that pain, they rarely work properly for you anyway.  

The Really Great News: We understand how to work with you to create a Lifestyle Plan that makes losing weight something you can find interesting, makes you feel great, improves your mood and metabolism, achieves your aims and because it is a lifestyle rather than a 'diet', you keep the wins! 

The FEM weight loss program is a holistic approach, incorporating exercise, know-how, a meal plan and shopping list (with swap-outs!). 

Click below to begin your journey to convenient, hassle-free eating guidelines which align with

your lifestyle to support healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Feel Proud of Yourself

8-week, Online Group Programme

The problem with 'dieting' is it is basically impossible to sustain. So we do two things: 

  • We address your lifestyle (rather than giving you a 'diet'). 

  • We set ourselves achievable aims. 

For example, how about we make an aim for you to lose a dress size? You can do that, right?! Let's start with that. 

Working together, we can help you to change your lifestyle, progress towards your ideal body weight with the ultimate aims to:

  • Physically: Feel comfortable.

  • Mentally: Improve your energy levels.

  • Emotionally: Increase your confidence and motivation.

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Your Whole-Person Health Call

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On this FREE 40-minute call we will: 

  • Get to know each other.

  • Discuss your current health needs.

  • An action plan for how we can help you. 

Our practitioners are focused on addressing the underlying root causes for better life outcomes. We do not only address the surface symptoms.

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