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5-Day Health & Mindset Challenge


5-Day Health & Mindset Challenge

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Yo-Yo Dieting?

Let's break the cycle.

We get it. Dieting is HARD, right?

You go on a restrictive diet that promises you what you want. You stick to it for a few weeks, but it's so depressing and life is barely worth living, so you give it up and go back to the bad old habits that brought you your problems in the first place. 

The Solution: Quit Dieting, it’s a losing battle, ‘E.A.T. Everything & Reset Your Body’ is our program that will help you to get a healthy body and keep the excess weight off permanently.

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Struggling with Obesity

You have low energy. You can't walk far. You feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and ashamed. 

Being obese is affecting your whole life. And it seems there is nothing you can do about it. 

Something has to change

We can help you get unstuck.

Through a personalised program of nutrition and pyschological support, we can help you to address the underlying emotional issues and implement new patterns of behaviour that will guide you to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Quit Dieting and Start Losing Weight

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Gut Problems

A healthy gut is fundamental to a happy life. Getting to the root of what is not right with your gut is going to be at the heart of our work with you. 

We will identify the lifestyle factors that are causing your symptoms, or the underlying physical, genetic or environmental causes that may be at work. 

We will work closely with you, and depending upon our findings, we will provide a holistic, stepwise plan to live a gut-healthier life with simple, practical yet effective exercises and recipes.


Women set themselves up. There is an expectation that breastfeeding will be natural, instinctive and easy. 

Don't beat yourself up. It doesn't usually work out that way.

We can help you to understand thd benefits of breastfeeding, for you and your child.

Above all, we can help you successfully breastfeed your new baby so you can give them the best start in life. 

The Gift of Life 

Keeping Healthy Through Pregnancy

Maintaining Optimum Health Through all Stages Of Pregnancy

Having a baby is wonderful, but presents unique challenges in maintaining the health and wellbeing of both yourself and your unborn child throughout. 

This applies to getting pregnant in the first place right through pregnancy and birth to the best interests of your child as they thrive and grow in the world. 

The very best thing you can do for your baby is to ensure the health of the mother.

Career Women Wanting to Lose Weight

Your work is important. But your health could be paying a price.

When work is your life, you simply don't have the time or energy to prepare healthy meals. 'Eating on the go' is the norm, and you plan to get round to being healthier.... later. 

In reality, you know 'later' is not going to get here any time soon, but don't worry. Help is at hand.

We can help you with practical solutions for losing weight and a healthier lifestyle when you don't have time. 

What you may not realise is just how much a health program can do to improve your efficiency at work. 

Call us to ask about our win-win programs for career women. You will be pleasantly surprised how much we can add to your wellbeing AND your energy, concentration levels, sleep patterns and productivity. 

Moving into Menopause

Retaining Good Health into Middle Age

When we reach 'a certain age', the challenges of keeping happy and healthy change. 

The metabolism slows down; the hormones decrease; moods can swing; and the body shape is changing. 

You feel tired, and yearn for good energy levels.

You should also be concerned about health risks, such as developing insulin-resistance or high cholesterol. And you definitely  struggle to find the energy or willpower for yet another restrictive diet, even though you really want to lose weight.

These can be wonderful years to be a mature woman, but it is imperative to adopt intelligent strategies for your health and happiness. 

Low in Confidence and Self-Esteem

It's hard to deal with a sense of failure, hopelessness and low self-confidence.

It doesn't matter what you do, it often feels like a waste of time. You can't get rid of your nagging doubts that undermine you whatever you do. 

We have all had feelings like these, but it is important you take action as these feelings of hopelessness begin to overwhelm you. 

We can help you to address your underlying physical, mental and emotional well-being to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem. 

Perfect Career. Perfect Partner. Perfect Mother... 

12-week, live online, group program.

...and feeling overwhelmed. 

It's one thing to be a high achiever, and it's great that you're doing really well in life, but after a while you realise - you've taken on too much. And it's wearing you down. 

You are so focused on the future and your goals, you are not really living in the here-and-now. 

Get control of the pressures that are controlling you. Stop missing out on the joys that today has to offer. Find a better life balance.  

Setting aside some time to address your circumstances is helpful, as it will give you the time and space you need to work through difficulties and challenges.

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